Pardner Money Stories


The Mandari Chronicles - £19.99

Lexis Carmichael has always known she was different and that she…just didn’t belong. But nothing on Earth could have prepared her for how she would unravel the real truth of not only who she is, but that of mankind.

Parner Money stories Volume 1 - £6.99

Capturing the unique Jamaican sense of humour, and Derived from the savings club referred to as ‘pardner’, this story takes a whimsical look on life within a extended black Jamaican family in Britain.

Pardner Money Stories Volume II is a further collection of the short comedy stories which takes a light hearted look at life within an extended Jamaican family living in Manchester, northern England.

Contemplation - £6.99

Contemplation is a collection of thoughts and emotions expressed in poetry; therapeutic reflections. The poems in this collection express many moods from sadness and heartache to mischievous musings and all the moods in between

Contemplation Vol 1 - £6.99

Contemplation Volume Two is a further collection of carefully crafted words, reflecting life’s experiences of joy and sadness, encountered as we journey to unknown destination, along the rough path of sticks and stones, hell bent on breaking bones.

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